Grand Theft Auto V
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Grand Theft Auto V Review

Grand Theft Auto V brings back this franchise bigger and better than it has ever been before. The terrain has changed to the fictional city of Los Santos, and now you can control three dynamic characters. GTA V packs an engaging story and side quests that will keep you engrossed for hours on end.

GTA V lets you play as three characters: Franklin, Trevor, and Michael, all of whom are still pursuing criminal enterprise and come together to pull off one last heist. While the previous games were more linear, GTA V offers some reprieve by letting you play as different payers and shifting to different parts of the city at the same time. Each of these characters has their storyline interwoven with each other, and you can easily pick up the game from each of these characters’ perspective effortlessly. Also, note that you have no control over where your character drops in during the game.  

With its healthy supply of missions and side quests, this is a game that will keep you riveted for tens of hours. Other mechanics such as stealing a vehicle or tank, flipping through radio stations and internet, and racing against cops all remain familiar.

The game offers a healthy combination of on-screen menus coupled with controller buttons. The controls feel a bit too sensitive sometimes, especially when steering a vehicle. Most of your movements will be centered on the left and right sticks, and you can shift between accelerating and hitting the trigger finger fast enough. A great addition to the controls is lock-on targeting, making shooting easier for those who are less experienced with console shooters.

GTA V has the best graphics of any game in the franchise up to this point. The open world is much more expansive, and the attention to detail in this game is quite impressive. There’s a whole environment that feels almost surreal, and bustling with NPCs makes your gaming versatile and enjoyable. You won’t come across frame rate dips despite the increased demand for hardware.

The game has plenty of main missions (about 75) and dozens of side quests, enough to keep you locked for hours and days on end. While the game ultimately has a conclusive ending to it, it’s hardly linear given how much flexibility to explore the open world you have.  


  • Excellent graphics;
  • Has the largest open world map of any game in the franchise;
  • Great to play as three different characters.


  • Little flair and excitement in the mini-games;
  • Sometimes the controls are too sensitive.
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by Katie Kilberg D'Agostine
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