Fortnite Guide to Lump of Coal and Winterfest Challenge

Abby Christensen


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The Fortnite Winterfest is in full swing so that you can unlock even more gifts and cosmetics. No matter how you feel about the event, it’s the only way to achieve some of the must-have rewards and indispensable battle royale experiences. Last week’s challenges revolved around collecting presents and searching for Christmas trees. This time you will have to do something less pleasant.

Deal Damage With Coal

The recently unlocked Lump of Coal challenge offers you to injure enemies using a lump of coal. You should place it carefully to deal damage unexpectedly. You can find the new, unusual weapon within boxes of presents and ice crates.

Presents are quite rare, but everyone can find them in loot boxes from time to time. If you already have one, throw it and watch it grow. It’s an excellent way to protect yourself while looting up. Just throw it to the feet of your character and enjoy walls from all sides.

If there’s something wrong with your luck during this event, look for iceboxes. For some reason, they hide coal instead of icecream! That’s some kind of a witty joke from developers. There are 5 types of these storages, so be attentive. They generate coal all the time, so it’s not a problem if anyone uses them just before you come. There’s also always a chance that someone spoils locations of iceboxes, so keep updating Fortnite forums and dedicated Discord threads.

Once you obtain a lump of coal in your inventory, you can place it instead of grenades. If you throw it directly into the enemy, the damage will be too low. Moreover, it’s quite difficult to aim accurately. That’s why we recommend you to try a more complicated strategy. You have to throw the lump of coal on the way of an unsuspecting target so that he or she stepped or jumped onto it.

While it’s a tough thing to do in the normal mode, Team Rumble and other crowded modes seem perfect for such a weapon. In case you don’t care about that, you can always use your lump to set a campfire and save 30 units of wood.

The Lump of Coal challenge is one of the most difficult so far in the season. You have not only to be precise enough to hit the enemy but also spend quite a lot of time to find at least one lump. Use it carefully to achieve an extra advantage in other challenges.

Where To Play The Challenge?

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The current season of Fortnite Chapter 2 is available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, iOS, and Android. If you use different devices to play during the day, your progress in the challenge will be synchronized automatically.

If you want to enable cross-play for each of the platforms and team up with your friends, you should have an Epic Games account apart from your Fortnite account. PC and mobile players have one by default. If your team involves players who use, say, PC, PS4, and mobile, all your enemies will be PC players. This rule is called to provide the fairest battle conditions. It’s simply unfair to play in the mobile lobby using a PC with more convenient controls.

To enable the cross-play, you should become friends with all team members using the Epic account. The feature is available only for Mac and PC because other platforms don’t support the Epic Launcher. The party chat is currently unavailable for cross-platform teams.

Good Luck In Your Search!

Now you’re aware of all aspects of the challenge, so use your advantage and gain as many frags as possible. Have you already found a lump of coal? Or maybe you managed to kill someone with it? Tell your story in the comments below, and don’t forget to share the article with your friends to let them join the conversation!