How To Become a Master in the Hero Academy 2

Katie Kilberg D'Agostine


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If you prefer step-by-step tactical gameplay, the CCG and deck building strategy like Heartstone, then you would probably like something like Hero Academy 2. This part stepped much further than its antecedent. Besides, the producers of the new chapter gratified us with new gameplay options, new characters and modes. 

There is also an excellent manual to save you from too many PvP matches until you have basic theoretical knowledge for inducing heroes. We just show you the right way to move and will tell you some details you may not be aware of.

Here you will find tips and tactics that will bring your game to the next level. With this guide, you will learn how to win the duels and be a real hero. 

Remember Your Goal: Crush Those Crystals

Besides reducing the heroes from the opposite team your main goal is to destroy their crystals. You should do it faster than your enemy. Probably you will be in the situation when you allow your enemy to destroy one of your gems when you are busy doing more damage to your opponent at the same time.  

There can be less harmless enemy characters, so you don't have to eliminate all of them. As you play more duels you should improve at identifying which enemies needs to be taken care of at the first place.

Positioning is the Key

Hero Academy 2 gameplay

The gameplay builds in such a way that you need to locate your hero at the right place at the board to remain unscathed but to do the maximum damage to your enemy. You should understand the difference between melee and ranged units while playing on the basic level. The first can attack only from one square, and the second - from several (one or two spaces). They always require attacking by other ranged units from the same distance.  

Bonus tip: Remember that diagonals count as two squares, and you can attack with ranged units, but on melee units, you can not. Also, use this rule while defending. Write spells on the crystal’s sides, and the enemy can attack it from range. 

KO’d Doesn’t Mean Dead … Right Away

When you notice that your hero become weaker and lost many points of his health, don’t give up. You have a chance to save his life. Heroes are KO’d at first and he keeps lying in the square he fell. He will die if you don’t do anything to help him at the end of your turn, but you can bring him alive with special spells or abilities. 

Your opponent may use this strategy too, and he may pay for moving a hero onto a KO’d enemy. It will expel them from the battle arena and save you from their hunting for you. There are certain spells and keywords that help you eliminate your enemies forever with no chance of survival, so use them carefully for your benefit. 

The Mana Curve is a Straight Line

The main difference between other card-based tactics games and Hero Academy 2 is that there is a Mana. You constantly receive five Mana per turn, instead of getting plenty of resources which give you the ability to play card. It gives you some confidence that you can always play something in your hand. 

On the other hand, if you have heavy hitting that more expensive than 6 Mana’s cards you couldn’t use them in a play unless you spend the previous ones. One more pleasant feature is that unspent Mana does roll over. We recommend you to use it only with the necessity, it can be useful if your enemy decides to make a bad surprise.