How To Open Locked Typhon Treasure In Borderlands 3?

Katie Kilberg D'Agostine


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True fans of Borderlands certainly know what are these stranger locked chests with a “T” symbol. And if you are a newcomer — catch one of the most important secrets of the game:  it is a so-called Typhon Dead Drops. You need them if you aim 100% game completion. But there are some difficulties: as Drops are one of the most desired features in Borderlands 3, it is also one of the biggest and hardest challenges to get them. But there are secret ways to obtain them. How? Let’s take a peek under the hood!

Borderlands 3: A Few Words About the Game

Borderlands 3 is a fourth main entry in the Borderlands game series released in September 2019. The game was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. Users can play the title on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even Google Stadia. As it is an action role-playing game with two modes: multiplayer and single-player, you can play alone or up to four people. Borderlands 3 shares the core gameplay with previous releases: you need to complete missions, defeat enemies, and obtain the weapons or other tools from fallen foes. Besides, a new game has more weapons (over one million guns), new combat abilities and maneuvres. There are main and side missions for the passage of which you receive a reward. 

The bulk of events taking place on the planet Pandora. It is estimated that the player needs to spend not less than 35 hours for completing the game quest.

What are Typhon Dead Drops and Typhon Logs? 

typhon logs in borderlands 3

Before we are moving to the discussion hidden and unobvious ways to get the Dead Drops, let’s dwell on what is this, why do you need it, and what is Typhon Logs. Read very carefully, because it is important. 

As we mentioned above, Typhon Dead Drops are certainly the most difficult challenges in the game. Typhon Dead Drops represent the blocked chests filled with powerful weapons. And as it is a challenge, you can discover them and mark them on the map. However, unlike other chests before locking them up, you need to complete different required tasks — missions. Fortunately, the developers left these missions on the map too. So, you certainly know where to find the issue you need to deal with to open the Dead Drop. And now, let’s move to Typhon Logs. What is this? And how it connects with Dead Drops? 

It turns out, Typhon left not only Drops but also the hidden messages — logs. You can find them around each place you visit in a Borderlands 3 world. These messages are very closely related to Drops: to unlock Dead Drop in a certain area, you need to find all Typhon logs. Their quantity varies from place to place but, commonly, there are not so many of them. When you find one of the logs, you need to activate it by pressing the button in front of the log. Once you open all Typhon logs, you open the Typhon Dead Drop. And now with all this knowledge in mind, let us show the most popular players’ traps and how to avoid them. 

Common Traps and Problems

typhon dead drops

Now you know how Typhon Logs work and how they connect with Dead Drops. Initially, this may seem too simple. Indeed, where is the challenge here? Find Drops, then find all the Logs in this area. After that, press the button, activate them, unlock the chest, get weapons. Why is this such a difficult obstacle for many players? As with any mission, there are pitfalls here. 

The first thing most players forget about is where to look for the coveted Logs. "Oh my God, Typhon Logs! Where can I find hidden messages? It's almost impossible! The game has such a big world!" If you recognize yourself in these phrases, then first just take a deep breath, and then exhale. And now, remember, we mentioned above that hidden messages from Typhon, or in other words, logs, in the game are considered as missions. Therefore, like any other mission, they are marked on the map. Do not forget to look there! 

Another trap – people do not know how much Drops are in the game. Everything is very simple here: as a rule, each open-area map contains one chest. So take the time and try to find it.

The third mistake is that players find it unimportant to serve hidden messages. The desire to quickly open the chest and go through the game is so strong that users put off listening to messages for later. Do not do so! It was in them that the developers hid important information that would definitely come in handy for you!  

Share Your Secrets

Although Borderlands 3 was released not so long ago, only in September this year, it already managed to win a large number of fans in different parts of the world. In fact, only five days from the release date, more than five million copies were sold. And we are sure that among our readers there are definitely real fans and lovers of this game. 

Share your secrets of Typhon logs finding and Typhon Dead Drops opening. Perhaps your advice will help someone get through the game. Share with us your experience in the comments section below!