How to Start a New Adventure with Harry Potter?

Katie Kilberg D'Agostine


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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a new augmented reality game based on the book Wizarding World and the Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling. The developer launched it both for iPhone and Android smartphones inviting players to take part in virtual reality and interact with all characters of this fascinating story in real-time. This is an immersive experience which you hardly compare to anything else. It is of great interest for non-gamers too because it brings a new idea of technology and gaming as an industry. And of course, this is pure excitement to follow the magic characters almost in real life.

Plenty of fans of this magic world have been waiting for the release, and now we can try the game, but first, we should download it. It is not difficult at all still we decide to suggest a brief guide delivering the fastest access to pure entertainment.

Details of Downloading

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite screenshots

If you are a user of Android device, you have to go to the Google Play in order to find Harry Potter: Wizards Unite there. This operating system is pre-installed on all Samsung smartphones as well as Huawei and Oppo devices, where the store is also pre-installed. Thus, you will have no difficulties with getting access to it. Open it and search for "Harry Potter Wizards Unite." When you see a correspondent icon, check the developer (it should be Niantic), tap the icon. Mind that there can be various versions bringing a potential danger, that is why you should turn your attention to the developer. Now you see the button "install" which should be clicked on. The process will take a couple of seconds. Now it is downloaded.

If you have an iPhone or any other mobile device with iOS, you should go to the App Store. There you should find "Harry Potter Wizards Unite" icon, tap on the 'install' button located next to it and wait until it is downloaded.

Magic Around You

Our habits are constantly evolving, and we are lucky to have new possibilities to apply our skills and entertain in a new revolutionary manner. New devices and services offer us to exceed limits and to shift our expectations towards unbelievable solutions. Now we get access to such an amazing entertainment – a new level of video gaming - augmented reality which enables the unique emotional perception. And a shining example of the application of this technology is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

In this game, you will be able to realize your wizarding skills if you have some. Or if you have no such experience, you are allowed to figure out all about magical artifacts, unusual creatures, freak people, and more from the mysterious world. You will be suggested to cooperate with witches from all over the world, solve puzzles, explore a new world following the Map. As far as the game is developed by authors of Pokémon GO, you will find familiar features like to go to various real-world locations to perform particular tasks. You will try different spells to defeat the enemy and make them leave the Muggle world. This is a real adventure which you will immerse into immediately after downloading the game on your device. Follow our instructions mentioned above, and you will manage to start playing in no time.