Pokemon Sword and Shield: All You Need to Know

Katie Kilberg D'Agostine


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It is expected that the next-generation Pokemon game will be released on November 15. If you are a fan of Pokemons and want to jump back to their world, then circle this date in a red circle on the calendar. Pokemon Sword and Shield (the name of a new release in a game series) will launch globally by Nintendo and The Pokemon company. The game comes up with a lot of new features and a brand-new region. In today's blog post, we are going to reveal all the facts and rumors we know. Stay tuned!

The Development and Release Date

Pokemon games series is one of the most known and popular games of all time. It is played in different parts of the world by people of various ages. The first game in this series was released in 1996. It was a classic Japanese role-playing game with the elements of strategy, created by Satoshi Tajiri for the Game Boy. After that, more than 15 official releases were launched. And it is excluding various spin-offs. Pokemon Sword and Shield is the twentieth game in this series. Its development was started in 2016, after the Pokemon Sun and Moon release. Game Freak, the developer, attracted more than 1000 people to the title’s development. 

Finally, the release date was assigned on November 15, 2019. The game was developed only for one single platform — Nintendo Switch. This console has one of the most powerful features — Dynamix. It is the platform's ability that allows rendering larger Pokemons and better shows the difference between species sizes compared to other platforms. Sword and Shield has improved graphics and soundtracks that were inspired by British rock music and folklore. 

Not All the Pokemon Species will be Presented in the Game

Pokemon Sword and Shield gameplay

This is a common practice in the game series when players can transfer their Pokemon models from the old games to new ones. But in 2018 in one of the interviews with GameSpot, Junichi Masuda, the general producer of the new Sword and Shield, mentioned that they faced the difficulties with transferring the Pokemons to a new game. In spite of this, he also said that they are trying to find ways to make it possible. However, in 2019 it was officially announced that in new Sword and Shield, you cannot transfer the Pokemons species except the Pokemons that appear within the Galar region. The explanation was the increasing game complexity and difficulties with maintaining it.  Junichi Masuda said that they decided to focus rather on more important features such as Dynamaxing system, degree of quality and so on. 

In summer, furious fans started the Twitter company aiming to leave the ability to transfer the Pokemons in a new game’s release — #BringBackTheNationalIndex. But it did not produce any results. The developers did not abandon their initial decision even after such pressure from the fans.

Poke Camp — A New Place for Training

Pokemon Camp poster

As you have already known the new Pokemon Sword and Shield will be published by Nintendo. Therefore, in September 2019 the company announced a new exciting detail on a new game. This is about Pokemon Camp. Users can set up their own camp during the journey or have fun in other trainer’s camps. How it will affect the Pokemons? First up, camping can improve their performance in battles and increases the chances of winning. Secondly, the Poke camps are also about cooking. Players can create more than 100 variations of Curry on Rice from rice and other products. Yes, seriously! It is not a joke. Curry on Rice is the main dish in Gelar. Moreover, the developers added the ability to track your recipes. For this, use a Currydex. 

The Pokemon cams are also a great place for playing in a multiplayer mode. Do you remember, that you can move from one camp to another? It allows interacting with up to three other players and their Pokemons. It may seem that all this looks like some kind of nonsense, distracting from the mainline of the game. However, take your time to draw conclusions. If you watch the official video where the developers describe this feature, you can see that they “strongly recommend interacting with other players.” It is likely that there will be some in-game incentives for this.

Sirfetch’d —  A New Pokemon and Other Customization Tools

Sirfetch’d image

It is also expected that the new game releases always come with new characters. So, Pokemon Sword and Shield is not an exception. Let us introduce a new Pokemon — Sirfetch’d. It is a Wild Duck frighting Pokemon that is exclusive for the upcoming releases (meaning that you cannot meet him in the previous games). The unique ability of this Poke is persistence. The character has a white color with a yellow beak, paws, with a formidable gaze. He also has a sword and shield. How can you get Sirfetch’d? In Nintendo, it was said, "Farfetch’d that inhabit the Galar region can evolve into Sirfetch’d after experiencing many battles".  

Moreover, with the releasing a new Poke camp feature, the developers also mentioned that the customization will make a return but with more wide-ranging than you can imagine. For now, players can change the tops and bottoms. But in new Pokemon Sword and Shiels, you can make your character more stylish by changing the hairstyles, makeups and outwears. Easily dress Pokemon in a leather jacket and make a mohawk! Also, in addition to Sirfetch’d, the new flying-water-type Cramorant and ghost-type Polteagiest Pokemons will appear. 

Galar — A Fictional Region Where Does it All Begin

Galar region pokemon

All events in a Pokemon Sword and Shield will take place in Galart. It is a fictional region full of different Pokemons and wondrous sights. Interesting fact, Galar is based on official Nintendo art. The real game's fans know that the developers of the game series are trying to imitate the cities, countries, and regions that exist in the real world.  For example, the areas from the games from the first and fourth generations, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, were inspired by the Japanese culture. After that, the developers decided to look up the inspiration in other parts of the world. Therefore, Unova has the New York vibes (Pokemon Black and White release), Kalos — French patterns (Pokemon X and Y), and Alola looks like a real Hawaii (Pokemon Sun and Moon). 

If you look at the Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer, you can clearly notice the British vibes. Moreover, the sounds from the English folklore only reinforce this feeling. Moreover, the northernmost city has a clock tower (doesn't it remind you Big Ben?), a Ferris wheel and a bisecting river similar to the Thames. But let's go ahead and take a look at Galarian Weezing. It imitates the Industrial Revolution with the factories from the Victorian era and chimney pipe hat. 

New Bad Guys 

Bede pokemos rivals

You know that to pass the game, you need to become Galar's Pokemon Champion. Obviously, there are many obstacles that prevent you from this. In a new Pokemon Sword and Shield, Game Freak decided to complicate the game. Now, in addition to Hop competition, you have two more rivals: Marnie and Bede. As we understand from the trailers, Marine is a more mysterious and dangerous competitor than Bede. She has a team of followers — Team Yell with whom you need to always have the battles. It is very reminiscent of Red and Blue's Team Rocket. 

Bede, another new rival, looks like an ominous dude who, in fact, does not carry huge danger. Of course, he strives to become a champion but as Nintendo said: “seems to have other objectives as well”. We advise you to keep an eye on him but focus more on Marine. 

Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing

Dynamix feature in pokemon

Previously, you have already heard about the Dynamix feature. But let us explain it in more detail here. It allows making Pokemons much bigger during the battles. But it has one important thing: Dynamix is available only in certain areas of Galar.  It is a common ability for the Pokemons from this region, however other Pokemons, from other areas, do not obtain this feature. In contrast, Gigantamaxing is specific certain species of Pokémon. It allows not only to increase the size of characters but also their appearance. Moreover, it boosts the power and allows one to make a  G-Max Move, a unique super-powerful ability. It seems easier to show with an example.

Let’s take Alcremie, a whipped-cream Pokemon. If you apply the Dynamix to him, you will see a giant Pokemon. On the other hand, the Gigantamaxing does not increase the size of Alcremie, it places the Pokemon atop several pillars of cake. Moreover, now you can use a special G-Max Move.

Other Improvements and Features

It is very hard to explain every new feature in one blog post. Therefore, we decided to make the accent on the most important, in our opinion, and place other as a list. 

Autosave: You know that all the games in a Pokemon series do not have an autosave. Players are required to save the progress manually, otherwise, they lose everything. Sword and Shield will be the first game that will have the autosave running on the background. But if you prefer the traditional approach, you can switch off the option in the settings. 

Experience sharing: It is another default option in the game. In Sword and Shield, the XP will be fairly distributed among all of your Pokemons. 

New mechanics in the battles: The developers officially confirmed the emergence of new combat techniques in the game. For example, Mirror Armor allows returning back the stat-lowering effects. 

Jobs: It is a new way to earn experience points. You can freelance your Pokemon out of any random employer. 

What Do You Like the Most? 

In this blog post, we aimed to reveal the most anticipated and exciting features in a new Pokemon Sword and Shield. What do you like the most? Share with us in the comments section below. It is very interesting to discuss.