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Fitbit Review

The official Fitbit app is a companion to Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches, establishing interaction between your smartphone and your wearable. Download the Fitbit app right after you purchase the device and enjoy the harmony.


Fitbit app is versatile and compatible with all the devices by the vendor that have hit the market up to today. It collects all the data provided by the wearable’s sensors and processes it to provide a result. It displays the number of steps you make daily, weekly, or the average. It tracks the length and phases of your sleep. It recommends you physical activities, according to your goals and preferences.

If you have a compatible smart scale, your weight will be recorded automatically. Otherwise, you can enter it manually and watch its dynamics. You can also manually enter your meal energetic values and water consumption to prevent dehydration or stimulate your metabolism. Physical activities that can’t be precisely recognized by the wearable can be entered manually too.

The app has some social features as well. If your friends are Fitbit users too, you can compete with them, track their routes, communicate and challenge. Finally, it’s responsible for notifications you get to your wrist from your phone. With the app you can set it up, selecting the alerts you want to receive and those that can wait.

The app can formally function even without a Fitbit device. Of course, using the phone sensors won’t provide comparable precision, but it’s a good way to learn what Fitbit is capable of. Its features like food or sleep control, in fact, don’t require a Fitbit wearable. But, of course, we’d recommend using the app together with a fitness tracker or a smartwatch by the vendor.


When installed and authorized, the app displays your activity stats (depending on what your device can track). It displays the number of steps you have made today, the number of stair flights you have climbed, your sleep and heart rate stats, and your weight if you have your scale connected. Some functionality depends on the device you use; say, Surge and Charge HR trackers can measure your heart rate constantly, unless being charged, while others can’t. It will reflect on the app’s functioning.

Each separate section is as informative as can be. When it comes to weekly stats, it displays results for each day of the week. The map section maps your walks and runs on your local map.

The app is available for iOS and Android, and the two versions have identical features. Some of them are only available with Fitbit Premium subscription, including habit-forming courses, audio and video instructions on workouts, and other little but useful things. While the monthly subscription is $9.99, the annual payment will be just $79.99.


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