Island Xtreme Stunts Review

The Brickster is back to create mayhem, and it’s up to Pepper, stuntman extraordinaire, to foil Brickster’s nefarious schemes ­ all while helping to make a new action-adventure movie on LEGO Island.

Island Xtreme Stunts, an Electronic Arts, Silicon Dreams and LEGO release for the PlayStation2, is an arcade adventure game that may take place on one island, but offers game players the opportunity to experience a wide range of transportation modes.

The LEGO world does a nice job of emulating the three-dimensional feel, the action is quite good and the game is safely entertaining. If the game has any failing points they have to be that all the action games within the program are rather average arcade exercises and there really doesn’t seem to be anything here that would qualify as Xtreme.

As the game begins, Pepper doing a stunt that captures the attention of the director. The director, it seems, wants Pepper to be the star of the film. His co-star is Brickster, but rather than having turned over a new leaf, the Brickster is out to prove he is a better stuntman than Pepper and he deserves the prestigious Platinum Star award.

This is a game that is awash with puzzles and collectibles. There are five movie sub-games, which will require Pepper to drive a car, motorcycle, jet ski, pilot an airplane and skydive. Each sub-game has certain requirements that must be completed in order to advance and win a LEGO Academy of Film and Television Award (a LAFTA).  You need to have a certain amount of LAFTAS in order to advance to the next sub-game.

In addition, Pepper will receive sub-quests as he makes his way around the island. Islanders will present him with their problems, and being the nice little LEGO dude that he is, he tries to help them out.

The collectibles include evidence photos, bricks (you can build Brickimals with them), and trading cards. Pepper will use his PDA to access a variety of information, including plans for building a Brickimal.

Some of the sub-games are rather simple. In Freeway Frenzy, Pepper must use power-ups while chasing and ramming Brickster’s car. Do enough damage and the race is over. Motorcycle Mayhem is a race with checkpoints, and Pepper can do stunts over the various jumps.

The control elements of the game have been kept relatively simple, which makes this game accessible to younger players. The sound is very good and there is a wide variety of music that keeps the game rocking along. Graphically the game is very good. The three-dimensional look works well, and the environments are lush and colorful.

It is doubtful that Island Xtreme Stunts will have a big following among older players, but this game that should appeal to younger players.

This game is rated for Everyone.

Reviewer’s Scoring Details

Gameplay: 7

The game does have a lot of cutscenes that seem to go on and on and on. The actual in-game play is a strong arcade feel and the mapboard is a good size with a lot of explorable areas. This is the type of game where your goals are well defined.

Graphics: 7.7

The animation, for the LEGO characters, is nice, and the environments are lush and colorful.

Sound: 7.7

The musical score is very good. The story dialogue is a little contrived.

Difficulty: Easy

The game controls have been kept simple, regardless of what vehicle you are using, and the user interface is designed for accessibility.

Concept: 6.5

This is a hodge-podge of standard arcade exercises fitted together in a new format. There is nothing really new here.

Overall: 6.8

This is a nice little program that doesn’t really offer much that is new or unique, and hard-core game players will not find this a challenging outing. However, younger players and LEGO fans will enjoy the simplistic entertainment value and colorful look of the game.

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