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Amazon Alexa Review

Amazon Alexa is the app that helps you to control your Alexa devices and extend your own possibilities via the phone. Consider Alexa as your personal helper, who constantly learns from every your interaction with her. You are able to listen to music, make voice calls, turn on and off Alexa devices, create messages, get fresh news, and so on.


This app helps you to always stay available for Amazon Echo Dot and Echo users. It does not matter if you are at home or not, you may still contact with others. Use video calls option from Echo. There is a Drop-In feature that makes your calls even easier, by working similarly to a walkie-talkie, and allowing you to drop messages, or check up on others while you don’t have much time for conversation.

Amazon Alexa requires Android system of 5.0 or later and strong Internet connection. That’s actually it. You receive access to radio and live music podcasts. There is a connection to Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Spotify and Amazon Music available via the app. Check your favorite channel and enjoy. You may watch the latest news if you need. Alexa, in the meantime, suggests you features you need or will appreciate, skills you want to develop, books you may want to read.


Amazon Alexa app is simple in the download and installation process. It does not require anything extraordinary from you, except the account. It connects to the WiFi automatically and sends you tips on what to do next if you need them. After the process is over, you may use the app remotely no matter where you are to call your friends with the same app on their Android phones.

The navigation system in the app is rather simple. You can choose various settings from the menu which is always in the left upper corner of your screen. Tap on the instruments you need. If you want to create a shopping list or make a note you will have to type it in a notepad. You need to have a good microphone and a camera on your phone, so you would be able to speak to your friends.

Choose devices you want to control via the app from a similar category. Tap on it once. Pick whether you want to turn it on or off. Switch side to side to see all your devices available in this category. Once you’ve done it, come back to the menu.

Amazon Alexa is extremely simple in use, despite numerous tools. You will quickly learn how to control it and how to get the most out of the app. The background is dark blue and white or black letters are greatly seen from the distance. There are no ads inside. The app offers you various features that can make your life easier. With all these features, the best thing about the Amazon Alexa is that it does not require much knowledge or any efforts from you, besides taping on Download button of course.

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