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TikTok Review

TikTok is one of the most popular social media among today’s youth. Show them the way you have fun, sing, and experiment with your appearance! Download TikTok to try glittering filters on your face and hit songs sung by you!


TikTok (formerly known as Musical.ly) is a very special social network. On Instagram, say, you select pictures, select filters, then choose the best one. On Facebook, you write your texts carefully and accompany it with pictures selected right. On TikTok you just need to be yourself, have fun, and feel no fear.

What can you do in TikTok? Show them how you live. Make videos and apply AR effects, like animal ears, crowns, and jewels, tattoos and pierces, and other appearance changes. You can publish your short videos from time to time, or make your channel and update it frequently. All you need is your phone, some fantasy and a subject to talk about. And if you’re pretty (or funny), you don’t even have to speak: just appear on the video and move.

You can also create animations from your photos, using built-in templates. These templates can be used for making expressive stories based on the pics you have. TikTok introduces new features constantly, making the creative process easier and more intuitive.

AR effects can be applied on your real-time broadcasts. Select the mask and apply it. It will follow your real face as long as you stream, and then the video will be saved with it applied already. No need to spend hours on postproduction: TikTok lives in the moment.

But probably the best attraction of TikTok is music. You can legally use millions of popular songs: sing them, dance to them, impersonate the original performers, or just do anything to a song you like. The base is used legally, so don’t be afraid your video may be banned (like Instagram or YouTube may do).


The app is available for Android and iOS, with a dedicated iPad version. They share identical features, though performance may differ on various devices. To get your account, you can create it with your email and phone, or authorize via Facebook, Google, or other social media. Then creating a video may get a bit complicated, due to the unbelievable richness of filters, stickers, AR effects and interactive objects like polls or story generators.

It may be hard for a conservative user to figure out what’s what, but teenagers experience no problem. The interface is gesture-based, and you need to drag menus from behind the screen, hide or reveal options with taps, choose necessary from numerous stickers, create stories using patterns, and so on.

TikTok is an international project, with wide audience from any country, so you’ll find lots of videos from your town or around it, spoken or sung in your language, discussing the matters you care about.

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